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Zimbabwe: Chideme's Stunning Growth

[The Herald] Hip-hop musician Desmond Chideme, known as "Stunner" in music circles, has said he has grown to a level where he no longer wants to be identified by a genre, but by brand power.

Namibia: Ees's New Single to Prove the Nay Sayers Wrong

[Namibia Economist] Kwaito singer EES recently dropped his second single '100' off his new album Game Changer. The track is a very minimal style afro beat with the chorus straight starting off with, 'They said I could not do it, but I don it."

Zimbabwe: Mlue Jay Names Album After Daughter

[Zimbabwe Standard] Award-winning South Africa-based rapper and creative, Mlue Jay, born Mlungisi Moyo, says his upcoming album titled Donatella named after his daughter will be a gift from his heart to his fans.

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